Events 2006

December 10th Frankie became SVCH at SKK Dogshow 2006, Stockholm

Judge Damir Skok, Croatia

Södermanlands tax club

November  8th Frankie got his third 1st prize with maximum points  in open class blood tracking. Now he needs an official show merit  to get the title  SVCH .

Domare: Annelie Holmgren

November 4th Open Show Skara

Frankie was placed 4th in Jun. II and was placed  2nd with HP i Mid Limit (Res CC class).

Judge Charlotte Carping, Chartom.

Södermanlands tax Club

November 3rd  Yet another first prize open class blood tracking with maximum points

Domare Ola Lagerbäck.

October 18th Frankie was rewarded first prize open class blood tracking with maximum points.

Judge: Annelie Holmgren

October 14th Frankie was Mentaly described  with approved gun-shot at  Mjölby Working dog club
Field trial at Sunne

September 24th  The test started badly because Håkan did not retreive the game on water during the water direction, but when he was due to make his field work and the direction on land he made that exquisitly. The test was finished off with a dubble marking on water which he manage very well

He was rewarded a 3:a prize.

Juge was Arnulf Hustad Norway.


September 1st- 4th  Lisbeths trip to  England included a visit to Jenny & Richard at Deakin Cottage and to the  City of Birminghams Championship Dog Show, where two of the kennel Purbarns dogs were shown with honourable 2:a place in Open class and a 3:e place in Limit.

Picture shows Jen on her way home with the pack.

July  29th  Local Retriever Championship ( inofficial Field Trail )  arranged by the labrador club in Östergötland.

Håkan got a first prize and was appointed Best Golden  Retriever.

 Judge Cinna Wiberg

July 23rd All three dogs enjoy taking a bath in the warm weather

International Kennel Club Show  Högbo

July 15th  Håkan stood first in the Working Gundog class and got  Res.CC. & Frankie won the Junior class and got a  Res.CC.

Judge Paul Scanlon, Irland

July 16th  Today we only showed Frankie, unfortunately he was a bit careless in his movements therefore he was placed 2nd with prize of honor in Junior class

Judge Henric Fryckstrand





Succesful week-end on the Island of Gotland

July 1st  Frankie was  placed 2nd and a recieved  Res.CC.Junior class. And was placed 5th in Best Dog

Judge: Jos De Cuyper, Belgium

July 2nd  Frankie got a 2nd place and a Res.CC.Junior class.

Judge: Everadus Meijer, Spain

June, 17th  Frankie BPIS at GRC Open Show, Småland 

Judge: Christer Flodfält, kennel Sangold


May 20th  Swedish Retriever Club Show at  Skokloster Frankie 2nd, Junior Class with Prize Of Honor

Judge: Lynn Strudwick, Storbritanien

May 4th  Frankie passed Tendancy class Katrineholm

Judge Annelie Holmgren

May 4th  became Håkan SVCH.  Katrineholm

Judge Annelie Holmgren

We congratulate Frankie's mother Willow who won CC and became RBIS on the 2th of april at GRC Championship show in Yorkshire.
Congratulation Hazel to the qualification to Cruft 2007, Hazel is  Frankie's sister.
Frankie's grandfather  Purbarn Gales N Golden Rain has been choosen BOB & BIS on several shows during spring of 2006. He was placed first on the working class at Cruft's

Proud owner of these three Goldens is Mrs.Jenny Frankland-Mace