Events 2012

December 24-31. Merry Christmas And Happy New Year !!

December 09 Frankie & Ingrid's puppies are 6 week in the picture and they were keen and alert

 November  04 This little cutie is only 3 days.

November  04th  The October 27th,  4 dogs and 2 bitches was born, after Frankie & Ingrid, the puppies are doing just great

October 25th . Sweet little Ingrid is heavy on the stomach, and will soon give birth. Our Frankie is the the father

 September 3rd In the picture are Ingrid and Frankies daugther Hicka and Frankie to the far right.

 September 1st Little pretty Ingrid  is visiting Frankie

Aug 08th  A fine picture of Frankie's daugther 'Hicka' (Hiccup),1 year of age.Showing a great joy for water

July 22nd Harald and Håkan went along to GRC's KM in Villingsberg, there we met May and Harald's sister Wilja. The picture shows two exited siblings at the age of 12.5 years

July 3rd   Happy Birthday Frankie

 Jun 21st  We wish you a happy midsummer

What a fantastic weekend for Frankie's son Cesar and owner Anna who debuted in Heelwork and Freestyle

Jun 03rd ..Cesar was promoted in Freestyle

Jun 02nd ..Frankie's son Cesar won today's Heelwork and was promoted to Class 2. Here with his talented owner Anna Gullstrand

May 28th  My training friend Titti caught Frankie at the start of a summon call

May 23rd  A workout in the water for Håkan along with many dog friends .

May 19th -20th  Frankie has been on a weekend course with Ankie Andersson as an instructor, if it is no jobs to be done, why not get some rest..

Meeting with two sweet daughters of Frankie on the same day

May 16th Wilma 5 years of age with har math Britt waiting at the rendezvous point in Kolmården. For pleasant hours in the wood with both exercise and play. Coffee and sandwiches.

The day ended with a visit to Kerstin & Håkan and the puppy My 10 month of age nearby Åby. Having a lots of fun for Frankie, Hakan and little My in their large lovey garden, we had coffe with freshly baked buns. Could it be better?

Holidays and Dog show on Gotland

May 05th-06th Frankie shows up in two SSRC dog shows and got two excellent judgments

Judges was: Agneta Cardell and Ann-Christin Johansson

Apr 10th Frankie's son Lykke managed to get his LPII with his driver Nina Lindholm at Kristianstad BK April 6th

Apr 6th Happy Easter

Mar 11th Håkan turned 10 years old, and on March 6, and his father Harald was 12 years on March 9

Feb 19th Best training buddy Sigge 13 years of age, sitting in the back of the pictureis on a visit with dad Olle

Feb 12th SSRC show in Mjölby

Frankie's son walter was placed 1 with HP and BOS in puppyclass II and his sister "Hicka" standing 5th, despite the fact there are only 4 dogs to be placed

Open Show at Linköping

Jan 29th Started three of Frankie's offspring in the show ring, with fine critic, and two of them was placed. Little Hicka who is in the picture, got a lovely head  from the judge Ove Ringstrand

Jan 09th Was down at Höstglädjens kennel and looked at the litter after Frankie and photographing 'Hicka' , who lives at the kennel